Summoners War: Lost Centuria Season 7 Update Now Live

All those that dive into Com2uS’ Summoners War: Lost Centuria can check out its Season 7 update starting today.

This update brings with it the new ‘Legend Skill Stone Summon’ feature to its menu. With it in place, players are guaranteed to acquire the Legend Skill Stone. At a later date, one can build more powerful monster decks simply by summoning Legend Skill Stones through the Legend Skill Stone Pieces and Mana Stones from gameplay.

When it comes to Legend Skill Stone Pieces, one can obtain them through such modes as Alliance Battle, Season Reward, and Battle Pass. These pieces will also be given away as rewards in select areas of the Battle Pass.

Finally, this update integrates Single Mode into Siege Battle. This allows players to experience the game with their preferred difficulty. The existing Siege Battle content is now referred to as ‘Normal Mode’, and ‘Hard Mode’ is unlocked when all chapters of ‘Normal Mode’ are cleared.

Learn more with the trailer below:

[Summoners War: Lost Centuria] 2021 Season 7 Update!

Source: Press Release
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