Summoners War: Sky Arena New Monster & Halloween Updates Released

A new spooky monster, fusion combinations, coveted rewards and ghoulish costumes are set to make their debut in Com2uS’ Summoners War: Sky Arena this month.

New to the game is the Wind Fusion Monster “Totemist.” This 5-star fusion monster packs the power of the mysterious totem to support their allies. Totemist also possesses a special fourth skill, which can be used through activating the totem. Although it is a support monster, certain conditions can trigger a powerful attack skill that shows a variety of charms.

See this fusion monster in action with the trailer below:

New fusion monster [Totemist]!

This update also brings with it a total of three new monster fusion combos: “Totemist,” “Dryad,” and “Neostone Agent.” One can get Wind Totemist by fusing a default 4-star Wind Dryad, Water Neostone Agent, Fire Vampire and Wind Griffon. In addition, a Special Summon that increases the summoning rate of the new monster Totemist will be held during this same time period.

Various rewards from points earned from in-game missions will also be available. A bonus event that provides an additional scroll when you use 10 Mystical Scrolls will also be held during this time.

Finally, to ring in the Halloween season, players will be able to dress up their monsters with different ghoulish new costumes like “Demon,” “Beat Monk,” and “Paladin.” Pumpkin candy baskets, masks, and chainsaws will also make their appearance.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Source: Press Release
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