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The world of Modus Games and Pixile Studios’ Super Animal Royale is headed to the beach with today’s Super Summer Royale event.

Going on from now through July 20, this event tasks players with collecting fruit baskets to earn eight new limited-edition summer rewards, along with 17 returning items that are from prior Summer Royale events. Note that the Super Dragonfruit Wolf and Super Avocado Sloth can also be obtained in the Research Lab through the use of DNA.

This top-down battle royale has players taking control of a genetically modified animal picked from 300+ breeds. More than 600 cosmetic items are included, and its 64-player fights to the death begin once players jump off the back of a Giant Eagle. A flat-design style is paired with a fog-of-war-system that makes sure this battle to rise atop the food chain is fair for all parties.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Super Animal Royale Trailer | Top down battle royale for PC & Mac

The title is currently available on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. It will also come out for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia later this year. Note that players will be able to get the Founder’s Edition at no additional cost with Xbox Game Pass Perks.

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