Superheroes Academy Announced

Featuring a Marvel Comic-inspired superhero experience, Strategy Forge (Punk Wars) announced today that their next project is Superheroes Academy.

This title puts players in control of their own superhero agency. A management-oriented RTS, players will experience procedurally generated content as they build their base, restructure their organization, and hire, train, and command their own team of superheroes.

Along the way, players will send heroes out, go out on patrol, and handle any crises that may come their way. To make money, players will have to send superstar heroes on promotional campaigns and either compete or collaborate with other agencies in the area. To organize things, players will view the world either above on the world map or a special side-view.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Superheroes Academy – Announcement Trailer – Management Oriented strategy PC game by Strategy Forge

Source: Press Release
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