Thanksgiving Bonuses This Month in Red Dead Online

A number of Thanksgiving bonuses will be available this month in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online.

When it comes to perks, players can get themselves Triple Gold on Trader Award Trade-ins. This is on top of Double RDO$, Character XP, and Role XP on all Trader Sales, Double RDO$, XP, and Role XP in the Trade Route Free Roam Event, and Double RDO$, Gold, and XP on the Featured Series. Players can also secure Doubled Trader Materials for sourcing Perfect Carcasses, Pelts, Skins, and Hides.

Note that players can also get for themselves an Offer for 40% off a Novice or Promising Trader Role Item for reaching Plentiful Material Status in November.

Those that play from November 21 to 27 can get themselves 3X Special Health Cure, Big Game Meat, Wild Mint, Oregano, and Creeping Thyme, 3X Special Bitters, Plump Bird Meat, Horse Meal, and Horse Ointment, and 5X RDO$ and XP on Turkey Carcass Sales.

Not only can players get themselves a Free Community Outfit curated by YouTuber witch’s luck, they can also get an array of returning clothing items from now through December 4.

Scope out the timing for the rest of the rewards below:

Month-Long Trader Rewards:
– A Reward for 25 Trader goods just for logging in
– A Reward for an extra 1,000 Trader Role XP for completing a Trade Route Free Roam Event
– An Offer for 30% off an Established or Distinguished Trader Role Item for completing Cripps’ Daily Stew
– The Black Owanjila Hat for reaching a Trader Daily Challenge Streak of four days
– The Red Lister Hat for crafting an item at your Campfire

Weekly Rewards for completing a Trader Sale:
– November 7 – 13: Red Owanjila Hat
– November 14 – 20: A Reward for a San Luis Shore Treasure Map
– November 21 – 27: Black and White Lister Hat
– November 28 – December 4: An Offer for 50% off select Coats

Featured Series Calendar:
– November 7 – 13: Bow and Arrow Series
– November 14 – 20: Hardcore Shootout Series
– November 21 – 27: Blackwater Series
– November 28 – December 4: Hardcore Public Enemy

Discount-wise, players will be able to get for themselves five Gold Bars off the Butcher’s Table. This is on top of 30% off the Hunting Wagon, Trader Role Items, Belgian Draft Horses, the Efficient Cooking Pamphlet, Double Bandoliers, and Select Tonic Pamphlets (Special Bitters, Special Health Cure, Special Miracle Tonic, and Special Snake Oil) and 40% off Camp Flags and Themes, Rifles, and Shotgun Ammo.

Source: Press Release
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