The Anacrusis Sees 200k Players in First Week

The team at Stray Bombay announced that more than 200,000 players have battled through over a combined 1 billion hostile aliens in The Anacrusis in its first week.

According to Stray Bombay Co-Founder Chet Faliszek:

“Seeing the community jump feet first into the Anacrusis in this first week has been fantastic. We’ve seen a huge surge in players from Game Pass and lots of positive responses from PC fans as well. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us and all the feedback that’s come in has been hugely appreciated. We’re continuing to create more game content and refine what’s there as we work on new features like mod support and the upcoming Challenge Track.”Chet Faliszek

Will Smith, Stray Bombay Communications Director, added:

“Everyone on the Stray Bombay team has had a blast watching The Anacrusis streams since launch. We’ve enjoyed chatting with fans, getting feedback from players, and occasionally even joining in the fun! We want to highlight the amazing streamers and YouTubers who are having a blast with The Anacrusis, so we’ve begun a bi-weekly highlights series to put a spotlight on some of the best moments people have been having with our game.”
Will Smith

For those who’d like to see The Anacursis in action, be sure to check out some of the streamer highlights below:

The Anacrusis – Streamer Highlight Reel – Week 1!

The Anacrusis will exit Early Access/Game Preview in the later half of 2022. Stray Bombay will use the next few months to fix bugs, make quality-of-life improvements, and add weekly challenges, additional episodes, and new fantastical weapons, and include additional modes.

Source: Press Release
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