The Biggest Announcements From the July 2023 ID@Xbox Showcase

Presented by IGN, the July 2023 ID@Xbox Showcase highlighted a number of indie darlings coming to the Xbox series of consoles and PC. Catch up on the highlights with our recap – no multi-page clickthrough required.

The Biggest Announcements From the July 2023 ID@Xbox Showcase

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The Making of Karateka – Announcement Trailer

Players will be able to go behind the scenes of Jordan Mechner’s Karateka in The Making of Karateka, an interactive documentary from Digital Eclipse.

MythForce – Xbox Announce Trailer

Taking design cues from Saturday morning cartoons, MythForce is a first-person melee roguelike that launches later this year.

Scarlet Deer Inn – Xbox Announce

Inspired by Studio Ghibli movies, Slavic folklore, and medieval Europe, Scarlet Deer Inn is an embroidered narrative platformer.

Sea of Stars – Demo Announcement Trailer| Xbox

Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG that tells of two Children of the Solstice that perform Eclipse Magic.

Solace State Announcement Trailer

Solace State puts players in the shoes of the young hacker Chloe as they confront a political plot revolving around a corporate biotech company.

Timejinx and Hypnotorious are Coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 10 This Fall

Timejinx and Hypnotorious are just two of five games coming to Xbox this fall in The Jackbox Party Pack 10.

DREAMERS Launch Trailer

A new colorful adventure by PlaySys, DREAMERS features an emotional journey in a world with diverse regions, challenges, and mysteries. It will launch September 1.

Monolith Requiem of the Ancients – Official Announce Trailer

Monolith Requiem of the Ancients is an action RPG that has players journeying across Gilese as they utilize the power of the Runic Swarm.

Worldless | Reveal Trailer

A stylised, 2D adventure platformer with turn-based action combat, Worldless will launch this fall.

Stray Souls – Official Akira Yamaoka Announce Trailer

Featuring music by Akira Yamaoka, Stray Souls’ “Splintered Minds” appears in the latest trailer for the game.

Rain World: Downpour – Launch Trailer – Xbox

Rain World and the DLC Rain World: Downpour are now available for the Xbox series of consoles.

Roman Sands RE:Build – Xbox Announcement Trailer

Roman Sands RE:Build has been designed as “a delirium-charged journey into apocalypse which collides through visual novel, adventure, puzzle solving, horror, and survival simulation.”

Second Wave Xbox Announce Trailer

Second Wave is a free-to-play online multiplayer hero-based shooter MOBA that takes place in Armantia.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – IGN Exclusive Trailer

Based on true events, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will launch on August 18.

Stumble Guys Console Reveal

Making its way from mobile, Stumble Guys will release on consoles.

Birth Launches July 28 on Xbox

Set to release this July, players will be able to build their special friend in Birth.

Axiom Verge 2 Launch Trailer

Featuring a sprawling alien world, Axiom Verge 2 is now available on consoles.

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