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The Biggest Announcements from The Triple-i Initiative 2024

Airing earlier today, The Triple-i Initiative 2024 served as a new kind of showcase, providing more than 30 announcements in 45 minutes. Catch up on the highlights with our recap post – no multi-page clickthrough required.

Slay the Spire 2 – Reveal Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Launching into Early Access next year, Mega Crit’s Slay the Spire 2 has been completely rewritten in a new game engine. New slayers will also join the fray, each with their own cards, mechanics, and personalities – this will also be paired with new enemies, events, and treasures.

Risk of Rain 2 – Free Content Update ft. Dead Cells Crossover Skin & More | The Triple-i Initiative

The team at Gearbox Publishing has announced a collaboration with Motion Twin’s Dead Cells for Risk of Rain 2. In it, The Prisoner will join the rank of the Survivors as a free Alt Skin for the Mercenary.

KILL KNIGHT – Announcement Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Set to release this year, PlaySide Studios’ KILL KNIGHT is an arcade-inspired isometric shooter that has players descending through an eldritch arena and wielding armor and weapons against different horrors.

Shadows of Doubt – Console Announce + Sharpshooter Assassin Launch Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Shadows of Doubt will leave Early Access and release for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S this year.

My Time At Sandrock – Cross Platform Multiplayer Announce Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Set to release this summer, Pathea Games, Focus Interactive, and PM Studios announced that cross-platform multiplayer will make its way to the PC and console versions of My Time At Sandrock.

Dinolords – Teaser Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

A realtime strategy game, Dinolords tasks players with gathering resources and building fortifications and commanding units against the invading Danes – all with the arsenal of fierce dinosaurs.

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder Release Date Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

A handcrafted action-RPG developed by Metamorphosis Games and executive produced by Dodger and Jesse Cox, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is inspired by classic Metroidvanias as they fill in the shoes of elite mercenary Aletheia.

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns DLC Feat. Contra + PlayStation Announce | The Triple-i Initiative

Vampire Survivors is joining forces with KONAMI’s Contra series in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns. In it, the President’s cousin’s sister’s dog (yes, really!) has been kidnapped by Red Falcon.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – Composing Vengeance Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

The latest developer diary for Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn focuses on the musicfrom the game’s composer, Eric Hillman.

Never Alone 2 – Game Reveal | The Triple-i Initiative

Humble Games and E-line Media have announced Never Alone 2, a cooperative journey in an expanded 3D world with an original story written by an Iñupiat writer.

Cataclismo – Hogar’s Hope Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Set to release July 16, Cataclismo is a real-time strategy game about building castles brick-by-brick as players stand against different horrors.

Death Must Die – Act II Reveal | The Triple-i Initiative

Death Must Die is getting its first big content update with the Act II Patch, letting players explore the Endless Desert.

Endzone 2 – Gameplay Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

The first gameplay scenes of Endzone 2, the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic survival colony builder, made an appearance.

Dyson Sphere Program – Free Content Reveal | The Triple-i Initiative

In the next stage of Dyson Sphere Program, Icarus will be with carriers and space stations together as they set out to face the incoming legions of the Black Mist.

UnderMine 2 – Announcement Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

UnderMine 2 will build upon the original release with co-op gameplay, playable character classes, branching paths, and arcana.

Norland Early Access Release Date Announcement | The Triple-i Initiative

Hooded Horse and Long Jaunt’s medieval kingdom sim Norland will release on May 16.

WHAT THE CAR? – Steam Date Announcement – DEMO OUT NOW! | The Triple-i Initiative

Set to come to Steam this September, a demo for WHAT THE CAR? is now available.

Darkest Dungeon II – New FREE Game Mode ‘Kingdoms’ Coming in 2024 | The Triple-i Initiative

A new stand-alone campaign game mode, Kingdoms will make its way to Darkest Dungeon II as a free update this year.

RKGK – Developer Intro & Game Reveal | The Triple-i Initiative

The team at Gearbox Publishing, together with Wabisabi Games, have announced the new anime inspired action-packed graffiti platformer RKGK.

Broken Roads – Official Launch Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

A post-apocalyptic CRPG set in the Australian Outback, the launch trailer for Broken Roads made its debut.

Ravenswatch – Fall of Avalon Update | The Triple-i Initiative

Ravenswatch’s third chapter, Fall of Avalon, will bring players to the bastion of Avalon on April 22.

Cat Quest III – Opening Animation Reveal | The Triple-i Initiative

A paw-some (their pun, not ours) action RPG by The Gentlebros, Cat Quest III got a new animated opening movie.

Hyper Light Breaker – Mini-Boss Reveal Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

One of the many powerful mini-bosses in Hyper Light Breaker, the Flame Wizard makes an appearance in the latest trailer for the title.

The Last Spell – Dwarves of Runenberg DLC Announcement | The Triple-i Initiative

A new DLC for The Last Spell, Dwarves of Runenberg will come out on April 24.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom – Surprise Launch Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Mountainside city-builder Laysara: Summit Kingdom launched into Steam Early Access today.

Wizard of Legend 2 – First Look at Gameplay | The Triple-i Initiative

The action-packed gameplay of Humble Games and Dead Mage’s Wizard of Legend 2 took the spotlight in today’s trailer for the game.

Let’s School – Beloved School Management Sim Announced on consoles | The Triple-i Initiative

School-management sum Let’s School will make its way to the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch this summer.

Brotato – Abyssal Terrors DLC & Local CO-OP Update Announcement Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

The first DLC for Brotato, “Brotato: Abyssal Terrors,” has been released. The team has also released a free update that introduces local co-op for up to 4 players.

Tchia – Nintendo Switch Release Date | The Triple-i Initiative

Tropical open-world adventure Tchia will come out for the Nintendo Switch on June 27.

Streets of Rogue 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

The latest trailer for Streets of Rogue 2 serves as a showcase of its different gameplay mechanics. The title will release in Steam Early Access later this year.

Old World — Behind the Throne DLC announced, coming next month | The Triple-i Initiative

Old World – Behind the Throne, the latest DLC for Hooded Horse’s 4X historical strategy epic, is set to release in late May.

Palworld – Arena Teaser | The Triple-i Initiative

The Pal Arena will make its way to Palworld in 2024.

33 Immortals – Beta Gameplay Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

The Closed Beta for 33 Immortals will kick off May 24, running to June 2.

MOUSE – Spike-D Gameplay Teaser | The Triple-i Initiative

A 1930s noir-fueled, cartoon inspired FPS, a gameplay teaser for MOUSE made its apperance.

V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania Gameplay Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Set to release May 8, V Rising — Legacy of Castlevania is a crossover collaboration that will have players battling Simon Belmont.

The Rogue Prince of Persia – Reveal Trailer | The Triple-i Initiative

Evil Empire’s first game, The Rogue Prince of Persia, is an action-platformer roguelike that will have players saving Persia from a Hun invasion. The title will launch in Steam Early Access on May 14.

Source: Press Release, YouTube

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