The Biggest E3 2021 tinyBuild Announcements

Yesterday’s PC Gaming Show at E3 2021 paid host to a number of new titles from indie darling tinyBuild. Catch up on their suite of games with our recap post.


Coming in 2022, players will have to catch hundreds of creatures with the release of Splashteam’s Tinykin. Each has their own unique powers that can create bridges, ladders, and explosions, all of which can be used to bring Milo back to his home planet.

You can find the game on Steam here.

Hello Neighbor 2

A stealth horror title about digging up your creepy neighbor’s secrets, Eerie Guests’ Hello Neighbor 2 changes things up by featuring an AI-controlled Neighbor that learns from players.

You can find the game on Steam here.


Players will be able to channel their “souperiority” and unleash culinary devastation with the release of RAWMEN. Coming this year to PC and consoles, this title is a multiplayer arena shooter with support for up to eight players.

You can find the game on Steam here.

Source: Press Release
As part of update 6.0, a number of enhancements have been made to Offworld Industries' 50v50 military FPS Squad.
To coincide with the studio’s 30-year anniversary, the team at Stardock announced that Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova will enter Version 1.0 on October 19.
Three-time Emmy Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated composer Russell Brower will lend his talents to Level Infinite’s MMORPG Tarisland.
Heading to EGX London 2023 next month? The team at SEGA have revealed the line-up of games that will be at the event.

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