The Case Of The Golden Idol Offers Free Browser Version

Playstack and Color Gray Games today announced an exciting update in The Case of the Golden Idol as current players welcome a second expansion, with brand new cases, and potential players can jump in completely for free, using nothing more than a web browser.

The Case Of The Golden Idol Offers Free Browser Version

The next expansion, The Lemurian Vampire, is now available for both Nintendo Switch and PC versions of The Case of the Golden Idol, priced at $5.99 on both stores. The update brings with it three exciting scenarios to untangle, offering players the opportunity to learn the origin story of the Golden Idol and the role the Cloudsleys played.

If you’ve yet to sample one of the most critically acclaimed games of the modern era, players can now sample the first three scenarios from the base game for free. Simply load up the browser version and you’re playing in seconds.

Source: Press Release
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