The Fantastic Kitty Rue Now Available on Steam

An all-new adventure from the world of “Mariposa and the Galaxy Man,” Ink Rose Inc., TYM Studio, and Studio Syndicat’s The Fantastic Kitty Rue is now available on Steam.

A point-and-click, visual novel-style adventure filled with puzzles and rhythm-based mini-games you can watch the official trailer below:

“The Fantastic Kitty Rue” Official Steam Trailer (Adventure/Rhythm Indie Game)

According to Anastasia Snyder (Ink Rose):

“As I’ve gotten older and moved on to doing different types of creative work, I thought it would be a nice concept to center a game around that experience you have as a kid where you want to be a movie star or a famous performer, and how confident you are before the world kinda tries to squish that innocent hope out of you. The game is a small celebration of being a kid when the world feels like your playground. For adults, I hope this story will be a cute little experience that takes them back to those days. For kids, I want it to be something that encourages them and is ultimately a fun story to play through for them.” Anastasia Snyder (Ink Rose)

The game is now available on Steam for Windows PC and Mac for $16.99 – all those interested can download it here.

Source: Press Release
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