The Front Looks Like Rust With Tanks And It’s Heading To Steam Early Access

The debut game from Samar Studios, The Front, is shaping up to be Steam’s latest open-world survival epic as time-traveling resistance fighters band together to take down zombie-like mutants and hostile factions in an effort to save humanity’s future from a tyrannical empire.

As if that wasn’t an exciting enough premise, the Closed Beta trailer highlights some of the game’s more exciting features. A robust base-building system supported by modern weapons, vehicles, and even aircraft.

The Front Is Coming To Steam Early Access

Early Access will include up to level 60, allowing players to progress and unlock more advanced weapons, better production equipment, and improved gathering tools. Players will group up as time travelers who have traveled back in time to change humanity’s bleak future. Fighting in a post-apocalyptic sandbox setting, survivors will need to fend off assaults from horrific mutants and hostile factions.

Feature Highlights

  • Advanced base-building and shelter construction, unrestricted by terrain. Hundreds of building components supported
  • Unique tower defense style gameplay allows players to funnel mutants through specific routes armed with traps and defensive structures
  • Over 20 types of modern vehicles including everything from pickup trucks to helicopter gunships
  • A simple electrical parts system allows players to create complex mechanisms to automate base defenses
  • Recruit unique and powerful NPC’s with their own talents and abilities
  • A full agriculture system to support farming materials and cooking food
  • A variety of biomes including rainforest, snow, swamps, and deserts

The Front has already enjoyed successful Closed Beta testing and will be heading to Steam Early Access October 11th, 2023.

Source: Press Release
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