The King of Fighters XV Gets Yuri Sakazaki Trailer

The latest trailer for SNK’s The King of Fighters XV puts the spotlight on Yuri Sakazaki.

Originally introduced in the Art of Fighting series as a damsel in distress, Yuri Sakazaki is also known as Wild Flying Swallow. She entered the King of Fighters Tournament alongside King and Mai, using the lowest-grade version of the Kyokugenryu Karate discipline in battle.

Her moveset includes “Gather Chi,” “Energy Projectile,” “Energy Reflector,” and “Copying Techniques.”

See her in action with the trailer below:

KOF XV|YURI SAKAZAKI|Character Trailer #9 (4K)

Originally announced at the EVO 2019 fighting game tournament, The King of Fighters XV will use the Unreal Engine as opposed to sprites. Eisuke Ogura will serve as the creative director, while The King of Fighters All Star’s Tomohiro Nakata will serve as the main illustrator.

Stages include in the game so far include the Classical Chinese Garden, the Esaka Construction Site, the KOF Stadium, the South Town Sound Beach, and the Pao Pao Cafe.

The game will come out in 2021.

Source: YouTube
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