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The Last Of Us Gets Release Date

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At the 2012 Video Game Awards we finally got a release date for the highly anticipated, The Last of Us. Eager fans will be excited to hear that on May 7th, we will finally get to play the game. Looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a good year.


JoelThey also showed a story trailer at the VGAs for The Last of Us. It seems that Joel and Ellie are not the only ones left alive and the remaining survivors may have safe zones in the form of controlled towns. Although somewhat safe, the video did give the impression that the safe areas may be ruled by strict military as many civilians can be seen being forced to the ground.

Other than that it showed some of the fungus monsters in action and show cased a few of the situations you’ll be stuck in with Ellie. We are not sure where it all leads, but the trailer gives the impression Joel is going out into the world for Ellie.

With that they also showed off the Pre-Order Bonuses for the game. They gave the general bonuses and the Gamestop bonuses.

Gamestop – Bonus EXP for Multiplayer, MP bonus Melee attack, Extra in game cash, Special customizable items for multiplayer and two alternate outfits for Joel and Ellie after you beat the game.

Participating Stores – Soundtrack, PS3 Dynamic theme, Two Last of Us avatars for PSN.

Yup that’s right if you read the Gamestop bonuses you can clearly see multiplayer will be in the game. The official PS blog has only commented “We haven’t talked much about multiplayer other than confirming that we’ll be working to include it in The Last of Us.”

If the multiplayer doesn’t take away from the single player then I am all for it. Still, I do kind of wonder where they intend to go with it. Either way, look forward to the game in May!

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