The Pinball Wizard Now Available

Ahead of Halloween, Frosty Pop casts a spell on Nintendo Switch and PC players with the release of their arcade dungeon crawling adventure The Pinball Wizard.

In this title, players are tasked with flipping, bumping, and bouncing their way up a tower on their quest to save the world. Magic powers are at your disposal, allowing players to utilize both angles and physics.

Learn more with the launch trailer for the game below:

The Pinball Wizard – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Faisal Sethi, Founder of Frosty Pop, said the following:

“At Frosty Pop we love to meddle with genre conventions. Trying to combine seemingly disparate mechanics – in this case pinball and dungeon crawling – often leads to something new and fun and additive to the specific cannons. In this case it’s made for an endlessly enjoyable title that we’re super proud of, and we’re extremely excited to be bringing it to new platforms.”Faisal Sethi

The title is available for $7.99, alongside a 10% launch discount.

Source: Press Release
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