The Tenants Version 1.0 Now Available

Featuring new end-game content, upgrade system changes, and new open house and agent mechanics, version 1.0 of Ancient Forge Studio and Frozen District’s The Tenants is here.

According to Maksymilian Strzelecki, Co-Founder and Technical Director at Ancient Forge Studio:

“The Early Access journey for The Tenants has been an incredible experience. When launching the game back in March of 2021, we couldn’t have foreseen the level of attention and interest the game would garner among players from all over the world. We’re beyond excited to finally have everyone try the full release of the game.”Maksymilian Strzelecki

Dushan Chaciej, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Ancient Forge Studio, added:

“We can’t help but feel grateful for the support we’ve received from our awesome community over the course of Early Access…by no means is this the end of The Tenants development. We have big plans for the game’s future and we will share some of them soon!”Dushan Chaciej

See it for yourself with the launch trailer below:

The Tenants Official Launch Trailer 1.0

Source: Press Release
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