The Wonderful 101 Demo Out Now

If you are looking forward to the upcoming Platinum Games title The Wonderful 101 then Nintendo has some good news for you. The demo for the game released with just a taste of the puzzle solving, button mashing, beat-em-up style gameplay that will be available in the game. The demo is free on the Nintendo e-Shop and can be played up to 20 times. Just look on the front page of the Wii U e-Shop to download the 1GB demo.

Wonderful 101 Extended Trailer


After playing the demo for a little bit I have some thoughts. I chose to play the game on the hardest difficulty the demo allowed for, which was normal, and was lacking some serious challenge. Hopefully the full version will have some more difficulty to it so that the random button mashes of any player can defeat any situation.

Also the game seemed to be very hectic and did not communicate objectives or controls very well. Platinum games are known for being very… Japanese… and with a new control scheme of the Wii U GamePad it seems like the developer may be trying to do a little to much. I accidentally hit the button to change between the TV screen and GamePad screen a couple of times and it really made a confusing situation for me.

Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct


All of this being said, the game does looks beautiful from the demo. I look forward to playing the full version of the game and seeing everything Platinum Games has to offer. Look for more information, including an upcoming review on the front page when the game releases on September 15th.

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