Top-Down Cyberpunk Adventure Glitchpunk Announced

For those looking for a new cyberpunk adventure, Dark Lord and Daedalic Entertainment promise to deliver with their new top-down action thriller Glitchpunk.

Tapping into the same vein as classics like Grand Theft Auto 2, Glitchpunk will have players shooting, brawling, driving, stealing and sneaking through its neon-soaked world. Trains, tanks, buses, motorbikes, trucks, and cars are all at your disposal, along with a massive arsenal of weaponry.

Players will need all the help they can get; frantic police chases await, along with 10 escalations of wanted levels to keep players on their toes. To immerse players into its world, a mature story with several endings, 12 different gangs, and four different cities will all be included.

Finally, to bring life into its world, its art style combines 2D sprites in a 3D environment to create a unique look. Players will also be able to tune into an in-game radio station that features news reports and commercials.

Learn more with the trailer below

Glitchpunk Announcement Trailer

The game will enter Steam Early Access in the first half of 2021. A playable demo of the game will be available on Steam during the Steam Games Festival that begins on February 3.

Source: Press Release
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