Transportation Empire Sim Urban Venture Announced

A realistic urban driving and tycoon simulation set in Barcelona, players will be able to build a transportation empire with the release of Simteract’s Urban Venture.

On the surface, Urban Venture sounds pretty straightforward: Drive clients, hire personnel, maintain a fleet of cars, and bring success to their overall business. However, there’s so much more to this title.

This title features deep customization and management tools, each of which will help you custom-build the looks of your character, cabin, and brand. Players will also set out to maintain and upgrade their vehicles for better performance. Players can take on the game however they choose; challenges of all sorts await.

To create the ultimate experience, the team has created an open-world 1:1 recreation of Barcelona, Spain This was done using advanced city building, real-world data and complex AI traffic simulation systems. Urban Venture will feature a playable area of at least 20 km2, with recreated parts and more than 200 of its most famous landmarks captured.

See it in action and learn more with the trailer below:

Urban Venture – Announcement Trailer | Simteract

Source: Press Release
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