Trials Evolution Gold Edition: Gain Immediate Beta Access Today

Trials Evolution Gold Edition News

Ubisoft, developers behind critically acclaimed titles such as Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed III, have just announced pre-order incentives for the upcoming PC release of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. Beginning today anybody that pre-orders, or has already pre-ordered, Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will be given instant access to the closed beta experience until March 14th.

Trials Evolution Gold Edition Trailer

Trials Evolution Gold Edition: Gain Immediate Beta Access Today

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition includes all of the content from the original game, improved, optimized and enhanced for this generation of PC gamers. All tracks from the original Trials HG title have been recreated with the new physics and graphics engine, prompting a tempting purchase for those with the original game.

It will also support Uplay achievements with a variety of rewards and exclusive content, the full details can be seen below:

  • Action 1: Gold Digger
    Obtain your first gold medal in single player career
  • Action 2: Decorated
    Obtain 100 total medals in single player career
  • Action 3: Faultless
    Zero fault any hard track in single player career
  • Action 4: Platinum Privileges
    Obtain your first platinum medal in single player career
  • Reward 1: Trials Evolution GOLD wallpaper
    With this wallpaper, turn your boring desktop into a wild Trials ride!
  • Reward 2: Rider Gear: Top Hat
    Every classy Trials rider needs his or her very own top-hat (and awesome mustache!)
  • Reward 3: Rider Gear- Ancient Armor
    Forged in the depths of Mount Lynx, this armor has no magical properties whatsoever!
  • Reward 4: Rider Gear: Space Suit
    In the Space Suit, nobody can hear you scream. Actually they can but it just seems way cooler!
  • Trials Evolution Gold Edition Latest Screenshots

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