Triple Rewards on Lamar Contact Missions This Week in GTA Online

All those that dive into Rockstar Games’ GTA Online this week can get themselves Triple GTA$ and RP on all Land Races and Lamar Contact Missions.

In addition to these rewards, players can also claim Double GTA$ and RP on the Offense Defense Adversary Mode and Double GTA$ on Time Trials.

This week’s Car Meet Prize Ride is the Emperor Vectre, while the Test Track Vehicles available this week are the Dinka Jester RR, Annis Euros, and Vapid Dominator ASP.

Returning Adversary Modes this week in GTA Online include Sumo, Inch By Inch, Keep the Pace, Offense Defense, Sea Races and Parachuting Jobs.

Make sure to pay a visit to The Diamond Casino & Resort this week – the top prize is the Übermacht Rebla GTS.

For those looking to save a bundle, be sure to claim 50% off all Hydraulics at Benny’s Original Motor Works. While there, claim 40% off the Bravado Youga Classic/Youga Classic 4×4, 30% off the Progen Itali GTB/Itali GTB Custom, Willard Faction and the Faction Custom Donk, Albany Manana/Manana Custom, Pfister Comet/Comet Retro Custom. These discounts are on top of 25% off all Auto Shop Upgrades and Modifications, along with 40% off the Declasse Tulip and 30% off the Annis Euros.

Finally, all those that connect their Rockstar Social Club account with their Prime Gaming account can get themselves a GTA$100K bonus for playing any time this week, along with 35% off the Dinka RT3000 and 65% off the Lampadati Casco.

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