Triple Rewards on Sumo This Week in GTA Online

Players will be able to net themselves Triple GTA$ and RP in Sumo this week in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online.

On top of these rewards, players can also get Double GTA$ and RP in Gerald’s Last Play Missions, Gerald Contact Missions, and Special Vehicle Work Missions. There’s also an opportunity for Bonus GTA$ on Daily Objectives; all you need to do is complete all three Daily Objectives to net yourself 50% extra GTA$.

From now through October 20, anyone who plays GTA Online can get themselves a free GTAIII-themed Rockstar Games Typeface Tee.

When it comes to the car meet prize ride, the Vapid Dominator ASP can be yours by placing in the Top 3 in 6 different LS Car Meet Series races over the next week. While on the test track, get behind the wheel of the The Karin Sultan RS Classic, Übermacht Cypher, and Annis ZR350.

Make sure to swing by The Diamond Casino & Resort this week – the latest Lucky Wheel Podium Vehicle is the Dewbauchee Specter.

Discount-wise, players will be able to take 50% off all Hydraulics and 40% off all Garages. This is on top of 40% off the Vapid Clique and The Lampadati Casco, 30% off the Vapid Slamtruck, the JoBuilt Hauler Custom, the Yosemite Rancher, and the Declasse Moonbeam and Albany Primo plus their Benny’s custom vehicle upgrades.

Finally, those that connect their Rockstar Social Club account with their Prime Gaming account can get themselves a GTA$100K bonus for playing any time this week. Exclusive discounts also include 35% off the Dinka RT3000 and 65% off the Lampadati Casco.

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