Two Point Campus Wizardry Course Trailer Released

Players will be able to visit the best magic school since Hogwarts with the wizardry course in SEGA Europe and Two Point Studios’ Two Point Campus.

As part of the Wizardry course at Spiffinmoore, players will be able to brew mysterious potions in the apothecary, command a crystal ball to gaze into the future, and can even don a pumpkin for a head. Magical duels in the Spellroom will also be available, which will give students the chance to hone their skills.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Course Reveal: Wizardry | Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is a management sim that gives players the chance to create the university of their dreams, shape the lives of their students, and manage everything in between.

This title will come out for PC and consoles on August 9, 2022 – all those interested can pre-order the game here.

Source: Press Release
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