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Ubisoft Release Interactive Assassin’s Creed Unity Trailer

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Ubisoft recently unveiled a revolutionary new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity as the award-winning developers offer fans the opportunity to dive deeper than ever before into the world of Assassin’s Creed Unity in an interactive trailer that offers detailed insights on many elements of the game world. Co-created by the Assassin’s Creed community the new CGI trailer offers breathtaking visuals as viewers explore fan made Assassin’s flooding the iconic city of Paris.

Over the past several months the Assassin’s Creed community created and voted for their favorite of all the Assassins created, with the promise that the most popular choices would one day appear in a different form. Over 200,000 Assassins were created but only 1,400 were deemed brilliant enough to be featured in the new interactive trailer.

“The Assassin’s Creed universe lives through its fans’, and this trailer is an amazing opportunity for them to be part of the campaign. They can see their own Assassin running through the streets, breaking into buildings and parkouring on Paris’ rooftops” said Guillaume Carmona, Marketing Director at Ubisoft EMEA. “We wanted to take the interactive and social aspect of gaming to the next level.”

As you immerse yourself in the new trailer you’ll notice many eye-catching characters going about their shady business. Interacting with these characters displays information on its creator and the content. Ubisoft also revealed that they have hidden several secrets within the trailer, offering insights to the Assassin’s Creed world that would otherwise be lost.

You can check out the trailer on the official website.

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