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Ubisoft & Twitch Announce War Of The Factions For Honor Event And Twitch Prime Bundle

Ubisoft and Twitch today announced an exciting collaboration for the upcoming release of For Honor that will see the two entertainment giants come together with two exciting events, War of the Factions and a limited time Twitch Prime giveaway. The War of the Factions event will be a limited-time, cross-platform event, tied to the upcoming Closed Beta of For Honor that will run from January 26th to January 29th.

During the event Twitch streamers alongside selected community members will pledge their allegiance to one of the three battling factions, Knights, Samurai or Vikings. Acting as Generals in these armies, Streamers will lead their armies into battle on their respective Twitch channels. All activity from a General and the community during the War of the Factions event will come together in glorious form in a persistent, cross-platform battle. You can follow the progress of the event on the official website.

Additionally For Honor players with an active Twitch Prime subscription will be treated to an exclusive For Honor Twitch Prime bundle. This will include a 10-day Champion Status event that provides XP boosts, XP boosts to crafting and additional loot at the end of each match.

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