UK Retailer Slashes Prices On Pre-Owned Xbox One Day One Edition

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A UK retailer has slashed the price of the limited edition Xbox One Day One Edition that was only sold in the 24 hours following launch. UK based retailer GAME recently updated their website with a new entry detailing stock of the Xbox One Day One Edition, currently priced at an appealing £299 (roughly $500). So what’s the catch?

Well, it’s second hand. C’mon, you didn’t expect a brand new limited edition console to drop that low did you? The typical Xbox One model is currently also stocked, priced at a slightly steeper £399 (without games). Tesco, a Walmart type store that actually holds a bigger percentage of the gaming industry in the UK, is also selling a brand new Xbox One without games for the same price of £399.

I know what you’re thinking. Misleading title! But not really. When the Xbox One first released the Xbox One Day One Edition sold for as much £600 on eBay, mostly due to its limited nature. To see a pre-owned Day One Edition going for cheaper than a brand new normal Xbox One is quite surprising to say the least. There are still a few brand new Day One Edition’s selling on eBay but the very nature of a limited edition is that eventually 90% will no longer be brand new, and the price will soar.

Even for the second hand versions, give it a few years and they could be worth considerably more to the right person. As someone that purchased the PlayStation 4, and could not afford to buy both at launch, I’d snap up the chance of grabbing a Day One Edition Xbox One. How about you?

Blaine Smith

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  1. Day one edition hurt more than it helped.

    The fact some retailers still have brand new ones tells it all

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