Update 11 Introduces “Spectacular” New Fleet Interiors For Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Frontier Developments today announced the launch of the latest update for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, Update 11, which brings with it a number of performance improvements and bug fixes, alongside new interior environments for Drake-Class Carriers, that players can now explore for the very first time.

The update also introduces a new mission type, Protect Missions, that offer additional first-person challenges and objectives to complete.

Update 11 Introduces “Spectacular” New Fleet Interiors For Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

The new Fleet Carriers interiors will allow players to use them as social hubs, enjoying the “breathtaking first-person views of space while inside these mobile bases”. Many of the features usually associated with Starports or Outposts will now be available within the new fleet interiors

Of special note is the Bar. Bartenders will now act as trading posts, utilizing the player-driven economy as a trading post for all resources while found on-foot. Fleet Carrier owners will have full control over these new features from anywhere in the galaxy, allowing price changes, stock monitoring, and the opportunity to influence the economy from anywhere.

Source: Press Release
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