Warframe Abyss of Dagath Update Now Available

Unveiled at TennoCon earlier this year, the team at Digital Extremes free Warframe update Abyss of Dagath is now available.

Based on the legend of the headless horse rider, this update brings Dagath into the Origin System. This threat embodies the spectral realm itself, unleashing attacks that utilize spinning sickles and stampedes.

The Dorrclave has been added to the sword/whip weapon family, on top of new Dojo room for clans called Dagath’s Hollow. Note that both can be found in the marketplace’s Dagath Collection.

Those that engage Warframe’s new Abyssal Zone mission can earn the new Vainthorm Resource, which can fill out Dagath’s blueprint and finalize her resurrection.

Learn more with the Abyss of Dagath launch trailer below:

Warframe | Abyss of Dagath – Official Gameplay Trailer – Coming This Week To All Platforms!

Grendel Prime Access also launches in Warframe starting today for a limited time. This is on top of Prime tech weapons like the golden Zylok Prime pistol and Masseter Prime segmented spiked club.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Warframe | Grendel Prime Access – Coming October 18 To All Platforms

Megan Everett, Community Director, said the following:

“Our Abyss of Dagath Update has really come together to be a true spooky month release! Grendel Prime is the perfect fit too with his enemy-guzzling charm. We’re excited to see the fresh Community Fashionframe meatballs out in the wild. It’s been fun to really execute the “headless horseman” theme with Dagath’s abilities speaking to her story and, most importantly, be fun and easy to grasp for all players.”Megan Everett

Source: Press Release
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