WarioWare: Get It Together! Launch Trailer Released

To mark its launch on the Nintendo Switch today, Nintendo has released a new trailer for their microgame-fueled adventure WarioWare: Get It Together!

Featuring 200 quick and quirky microgames, this title kicks things off with Wario, Ashley, 18-Volt, Young Cricket, Kat, Ana, Orbulon, Dribble, Spitz, Jimmy T, 5-Volt, Mona, Mike, and 9-Volt playing the games themselves in its Story Mode. Players will also be able to mix and match characters and microgames.

Players will also be able to take on up to three other players in its Variety Pack on the same system. The online Wario Cup is also available, giving players the chance to take on a rotating weekly challenge that allows players to win trophies to earn in-game currency.

See it in action with the trailer below:

WarioWare: Get It Together! – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

If that was not enough, Wario has taken over the official @NintendoAmerica Twitter account. See what he has to say below:

Source: YouTube, Twitter
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