WarioWare: Get It Together! Overview Trailer Released

Ahead of its release next month, get acquainted with the world of WarioWare: Get It Together! with the latest overview trailer for the game.

This title will feature a Story mode where Wario and his friends are sucked into a video game, From there, characters like Jimmy T, Ashley and 9-Volt will all have to use their different abilities to overcome a number of different microgames in both local and wireless co-op.

A competitive party mode known as Variety Pack will also be included, allowing players to compete or work together. With support for up to four players, modes include platformers, strategy games, and even battle royales.

Finally, those that want to put their skills to the test can participate in a rotating weekly high score challenge known as the Wario Cup, complete with a ranked mode and online leaderboard.

Learn more with the trailer below:

WarioWare: Get It Together! – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The game will come out for the Nintendo Switch on September 10, 2021.

Source: Press Release
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