Warpips Major Content Update Released

The tug-of-war action of Skirmish Mode Games and Daedalic Entertainment’s Warpips is receiving its first major content update.

As of today, the Fortress End Boss has been completed, along with additional enemy units and three new levels and maps – a gas station, a canyon, and a fortress. Night time maps have been included, along with the ability to field the Gas Pip, Howitzers, the Super Rocket and TOW missile emplacements into battle. Finally, additional color options and quality of life improvements have made their way to the game.

Upcoming updates for the title will include new items, general polish, more player units, new campaign islands, and helicopters. From there, later updates will bring new game modes, a Sandbox Mode, rebindable keys, and more accessibility modes.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Warpips Reactions Trailer – “Reinforcements Update” OUT NOW!

The title launched into Steam Early Access on April 29. You can purchase the title on Steam here, which currently features a 34% discount.

Source: Press Release
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