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Watch Dogs Alpha Leaked?

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I know what you’re thinking. You’ve hardly read the title and you’re already putting the rumor down to an April Fools joke. A number of forums around the web have thrown up threads today discussing the potential leak of the alpha build for Ubisoft’s highly anticipated, Watch Dogs. The leak literally emerged just a few hours ago and based on the comments seen on the forums, nobody has been able to completely download the title yet.

Obviously if this proves to be true it could be bad news for Ubisoft. Potentially thousands and thousands of players may judge the game based on an alpha build, which can usually be vastly different from the final product.

However, the industry has been the victim of several horrible April Fool’s jokes in past years, with some even going as far to create highly detailed trailers and such for fake games. We don’t condone piracy here at Gamers Heroes so I cannot provide any links however, we have been shown a number of very exclusive websites featuring the file; websites that apparently check for quality and whatnot.

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