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Watch Dogs DLC Coming Tomorrow!

Watch Dogs Announced As Launch Title For PlayStation 4

Ubisoft has just announced a major DLC available for Watch Dogs tomorrow. Season Pass holders have had the DLC for a week, but now it’s available for non-season pass holders too! The price of this  is $6.99, or you can buy a season pass for $19.99 and get all the DLC for Watch Dogs a week before everyone else. What does this DLC offer though? The new content for Watch Dogs includes 3 brand new missions, as well as new weapons, outfits and perks! Let’s take a look at the three single player missions added.

The Palace – In this mission, a powerful internet mogul has information regarding Aiden and Dedsec. The police plan to raid his mansion and find this information, but Aiden must break in before the raid and wipe out the hard drive.

Signature Shot – A shipment that includes a biometric weapon was delivered to a Viceroy stronghold in Chicago. This weapon will only fire for the first person to imprint their palm on the handle. Naturally, Aiden must break into this Viceroy stronghold and get the weapon before anyone else has a chance to do so.

Breakthrough – In the third mission in this DLC, Aiden learns that the South Chicago Club has been dealing with some very important CEOs and he needs to stop their deals. You have to track and take down Scrambler vehicles before you can find the secret meeting place of the Chicago Club and the CEOs.

Also included in the DLC is a new weapon (alongside the biometric weapon gained through “Signature Shot”) called the Auto-6 Pistol – a burst fire weapon. Through the missions listed above players will also unlock new outfits, perks and boosts. This DLC is available for all platforms tomorrow so be sure to pick it up if you want to explore Chicago more!

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