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Watch Dogs Vigilante Edition Unboxed

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Ubisoft recently released a video that digitally unboxed the Vigilante (essentially a collectors edition) of Watch Dogs. At an $89.99 price point, this may be worth the extra $30 if you can spare it because from what we know, it comes with some really cool stuff. Not only are you getting quite a few real items, you also get some exclusive digital content. It’s really the best of both worlds.

First, in the large “VIGILANTE Collectors Box”, you get a copy Watch Dogs and a hard copy of the official Watch Dogs soundtrack. On top of this, you also get two accessories: Aiden Pearce’s iconic cap, and Aiden Pearce’s Vigilante mask. The hat is the signature to the story’s main character “Aiden Pearce”. Another signature item, also included in the Vigilante box is Aiden’s mask. While this may not be the best combination of items to wear next time you need to go to the bank, they’re both pretty neat if you’re a Watch Dogs fan looking for collectables. On top of the physical items, fans who purchase the Vigilante box also get some digital content.

Digital content is arguably the reason that people pre-odrer a game. While there are definitely cases where people would like the collectors items, many people are also worried about getting more out of their actual game. The Watch Dogs Vigilante edition offers an extra mission, and a few other things. The “Palace Pack” is a mission in which the player breaks into a mansion to wipe the hard drives of a man who has information on just about everyone, including Aiden Pearce. On top of this mission, you also get a hacking bonus and a cash boost when you preorder.

Pre-Order Watch Dogs, releasing May 27th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and WiiU.

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