Watch PlayStation 4 Announcement with GH

Playstation Event
The day is finally upon us! Destination PlayStation is coming later tonight in the form of a live streamed press conference. Make sure to tune in on this post, and the video below, to watch the PlayStation 4 event live. The live PlayStation event is set to launch at 3PM Pacific, 5PM Central and 6PM Eastern time. Make sure to bookmark this page and hit play as soon as the clock hits PlayStation time!

We will be hanging around in the comments of this post during the event and chatting with people live. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to hear your first reactions to all of the amazing news that is bound to come out of the conference. Leading up to the conference, make sure to post some predictions below! In the meantime, you can also look at a few of our predictions in the comments section and comment on whether or not you think they will come true.

What could come out of this year’s PlayStation Event? The sky is really the limit. The gaming press has seen a particular pattern that Sony seems to do with these conferences. Practically on the same day years ago the PlayStation 3 was announced a year before the launch date at a similar event. There also was a similar event for the announcement of the NGP which turned out to be the PlayStation Vita in later conferences. No one really has any hard data on exactly what is going to be shown other than it will be the “future of PlayStation.”

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