We Happy Few Looking Fantastic At E3

We Happy Few News
One of the more pleasant surprises at this years Microsoft E3 Press conference was We Happy Few. The game is coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview July 26th. Check out more details and the opening sequence here.

Watch the Opening Sequence Revealed at E3.

You play as Arthur Hastings in an alternate 1960s time line. Everyone here is on a Happy Pill to help keep them in line and well, keep them happy. Arthur suddenly decides to go off the Happy Pills and everything goes downhill quickly. After a rather dark sequence, Arthur is called out for not taking the Happy Pills and is called a Downer. This sets off an alarm and the security forces of the building come after Arthur. There is a point where he gets a pipe to fight back but he is quickly brought down by the security guards.

The object of the game will be to escape Wellington Wells and to make sure you aren’t forced back onto the Happy Pills. We Happy Few will be coming out July 26th on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

Source: Press Release

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