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What We Know About ZombiU: It’s Scary

I have already talked a little bit about what ZombiU is in my wrap up of Ways Nintendo F’d Up article. There are tons of cool features and potential that this game has for the hardcore gamer as well as first adopters of the Wii U. Coming at launch this features a full featured campaign, a hellish difficulty setting after that is complete and tons of multiplayer modes to keep players busy for a while.

ZombiU Features

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] ZombiU E3 screenshot bagZombiU uses many different unique features that can only be done on the Wii U GamePad. The GamePad is used as your survival kit acting as your Bug-Out Bag. When you collect inventory, have to use items or interact with the environment the Wii U GamePad shows the direct action while the big screen TV shows you what is happening around you. There is no pause to look at inventory in this game.

The game is supposed to be a true survival horror game at its roots. Resources like bullets and med kits will be scarce and players will have to choose what they do with them wisely. Most importantly character upgrades are not persistent. If players die then they lose those upgrades.

The death mechanic is so interesting. Once you die you wake up as a new survivor. Then you have to search out your own reanimated corpse to get back the things in your inventory. I’m glad that you can get your stuff back though. Losing everything might be a little too frustrating for my tastes. New info on the game makes it look like your friends might be able to grief you. The mercs mode informs players on your friends list that you are a zombie. Then they can search your zombie out to kill and search through your inventory. Hopefully my friends are nice and don’t take my stuff.

Keypad demo of ZombiUIt wouldn’t be Wii U if it didn’t come with some sort of A-synchronous game play with different objectives for controllers. The Zombies vs. Survival mode is going to be a top down view for the person with a Wii U controller acting as a Zombie Master. They can spawn zombies to go after players that will be survivors fending off the Zombie Master’s minions. Although I’m not super excited about the game mode at least it will be something interesting to do as a multiplexer mechanic.

The game looks amazing. Videos from E3 looked like a next gen game along with a sublime picture of London after a zombie apocalypse. The trailer has a chilling song and the images matched with the singing of “god save the queen” seems so fitting for a new survival horror game. If I was a betting man I would say that ZombiU is going to be a big hitter among the early adopters of the Wii U. I know if I stand in line to pick up my system, I will be picking up this game alongside with it.

What do you guys think of ZombiU. Were you impressed by the trailer? Would you get ZombiU at launch if you were picking up a Wii U? Hit us up in the comments!

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