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Why I Am NOT Excited About Call Of Duty Ghosts

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Well we finally got some new details on Call of Duty Ghosts at the Xbox One reveal. If the idea was to make me more excited for the game they did a terrible job at doing so. Here are my reasons for why I am not excited for Call of Duty Ghosts.

The Dog


I have a dog and I love my dog but I don’t need one in my Call of Duty game. Yes dogs are mans best friend but we all see where this is going, dog dies you get mad. “Insert big bad guy name here” has a gun to your head and he is about to kill you, dog jumps him and bad guy shoots dog, you kill the bad guy and then opt to kill the injured dog to put it outs of its misery. But don’t worry we got the director from Traffic on board which means it will be deep and meaningful just like every other Call of Duty.


Oh cool, I can now slide over boxes and lean out of cover for pot shots. Welcome to 2013 Activision this has been done before and we want something new. Speaking of rehashing old things just look at the game play where they look down the iron sights, looks the exact same as it did when the first modern warfare came out. Throw a couple of big names onto the trailer and add some explosions so people hopefully overlook the fact that this game is going to be the same as the last 5.


Guess what guys? America is in trouble AGAIN and it is up to you to fight against the unmeasurable odds yet again! Yep, because we haven’t seen this in the last few games have we? We are moving to the next gen and here they are doing the same things they have done for the last 8 years! It’s okay, add a thing at the end that says “We’re all we have” to make them feel like they will have a purpose.

So Edgey

Dirt under Fingernails

“You will be able to see the dirt under your fingernails!” Holy crap seriously? I’ve been waiting for this since the original Nintendo and now they are finally implementing it! I can’t wait to see the part where Ghost takes his gloves off and looks at his fingernails so we can see all that dirt under there! Really? It’s next gen and the best you can come up with is dirt under the fingernails? Let’s not push the boundaries or anything like that…Oh but the moving fish!

If they want everyone to get excited about the next game they better show something amazing soon. I’m looking for new ground breaking things in the next gen not just a rehashed Call of Duty every year. What do you think about the new Call of Duty? Leave us a comment below!

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