Wild Animal Kills Challenge Coming to Red Dead Online This Week

Rockstar Games announced today that the Wild Animal Kills Challenge is now available in Red Dead Online, along with the Showdown Mode Head For The Hills.

Those that accept an invite to the new Wild Animal Kills Challenge Free Roam Event will be able to pit themselves against other sportsmen with both weapons and offensive attacks against other players disabled. With focus of this Free Roam Event squarely on the hunt, points are given based on the size of the animal – small animals net one point, medium-sized ones two, and large animals three. Beware dangerous predators like cougars, wolves, and bears – however, one can take them down for bonus points.

The new Showdown Mode Head For The Hills also comes to Red Dead Online today. In it, players will take turns to make a last-ditch run across no-man’s-land to their safe house, while opponents set out to hunt you down. For those looking for more, Public Enemy and Sport of Kings will arrive in the weeks ahead.

New players to the game will be able to earn themselves a bonus RDO$50 for completing the first mission, Honor Among Horse Thieves. The opportunity to earn a bonus RDO$75 for completing Kill Them, Each and Every One is there, along with a bonus 10 Gold Bars for completing Destroyed by Grief.

Make sure to swing by the Camp Lockbox or Post Office to net yourself the following care package:

  • 5x Potent Miracle Tonic
  • 5x Potent Snake Oil
  • 5x Potent Health Cure
  • 5x Potent Bitters
  • 120x Express Revolver Ammo

Deck yourself out with some of the newest selections from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co’s catalog, which includes the Flora Corseted Chemise and Paddon Shirt tops. There is also a limited supply of the Raccoon Hat, Plaid Cap, and Shaffer Chaps. Finally, players will be able to feign outrage with the new How Dare You emote.

Players can also score the Raccoon Hat to anyone who has 2-Step Verification on their Social Club account (learn more here).

Finally, players can Red Dead Online community live stream this Friday May 31 at 5pm ET on the official Rockstar Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube channels.

Source: Press Release

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