Wild Guns Reloaded Coming to Nintendo Switch

Wild Guns Reloaded - Gamers Heroes
Wild Guns Reloaded – Gamers Heroes
After making its debut on the PlayStation 4 and PC, Natsume’s Wild Guns Reloaded will make its way to the Nintendo Switch.

Wild Guns Reloaded is gallery style shooter mixing Wild West aesthetics with steampunk. Players can take control of Clint, Annie, two new characters, or all together in multiplayer action! To succeed, players must jump, dive and roll to get out of the way of the barrage of bullets enemies let fly, or shoot them down with their own bullets.

New to the Nintendo Switch version is Beginner Mode, which comes with unlimited lives

Also new to the version is Boss Rush: Time Attack, which has players take on all the bosses in the game in succession.

The Nintendo Switch version will come out in early 2018. You can read our review of the PlayStation 4 version here.

Source: Press Release

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