Windjammers 2 Documentary Released

Ahead of its release later this month, Dotemu has released an in-depth documentary on the sequel to their arcade-era classic Windjammers 2.

Head of Marketing Arnaud de Sousa, Dotemu CEO Cyrille Imbert, Lead Game Designer Jordi Asensio, Creative Director Stephane Perez, and others behind the team have weighed in on the design of this title.

To create the best possible experience, the team worked with the developers of Windjammers and the French gaming community.

You can watch the 27 minute making-of documentary below:

Windjammers 2 – An Arcade Legacy in 2022 (Making-of)

A sequel to the 1994 Neo Geo arcade title, Windjammers 2 tasks players with throwing a frisbee at the goal zone of the opponent attempting to score. 10 playable characters have been included in all, with the original six characters making their return.

The game will come out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox Game Pass on January 20 for $19.99. There will also be cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PC versions of the title.

Source: Press Release
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