World of Tanks Adds War Stories: “Spoils of War” Trilogy

World of Tanks War Stories - Gamers Heroes
The three-part story expansion “Spoils of War” is now available for Wargaming’s World of Tanks: War Stories.

Set in 1948, this features three new stories that are set against the backdrop of an alternate history, where World War II never ended and the world grows weary after years of endless fighting. With these new War Stories, players will fight on three different fronts to fight as American, Soviet, and German heroes. Unlike previous adventures, Spoils of War sees the playable characters acting on their conscience and moral obligations, even if this goes against their direct orders.

The chapters “Sieben Ritter,” “The Connoisseur,” and “Potemkin” are exclusively available for World of Tanks on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

You can view a trailer for it below:

War Stories: Spoils of War

Source: Press Release

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