World Of Warcraft Servers Crash Before New Expansion Releases

World Of Warcraft Servers Crash Before New Expansion Releases
Only an hour to go until the new World Of Warcraft expansion hits and high populated servers are already crashing. Apparently Blizzard can afford Metallica for Blizzcon but can’t upgrade their servers for a huge release. Are you one of the Realms affected?

At the moment I am playing on Illidan and the world server is completely down. I then went to the forums to see what was going on to find out that Illidan isn’t the only server currently down. Here is a list of servers currently down according to the forums.

Storm Rage
Blasted Lands
Area 52
Emerald Dream
Wyrmrest Accord

If you somehow manage to get back into the game make sure you don’t log out! If you have to AFK go to some low level mobs and let them attack you so you don’t get booted. Even if the world server goes down for you stay at the Character select screen so you don’t get put back in a queue.

The game has been out for a few hours in the EU and the serves have been crashing over there as well. Sure we all expected a little downtime or sluggish servers are launch but really Blizzard knows which servers need the help and which ones don’t.

If your server is down leave a comment so we can add it to the list!

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