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WWE 2K15 New Details & First Wrestlers Revealed

WWE 2k15 News
There’s rarely a better time to announce exciting new information for your upcoming title and 2K Games did just that with some exciting new information for their first full foray into the wrestling space with the upcoming WWE 2K15. Among the new information is a list of the first confirmed wrestlers for the upcoming title, including some of the biggest names on the roster today.

The confirmed wrestlers for WWE 2K15 so far include the King of Swing Cesaro, the franchise John Cena, the Immortal Hulk Hogan, the intense Bray Wyatt and the powerhouse of the Shield, Roman Reigns. WWE 2K15 marks the first appearance for the increasingly popular Bray Wyatt having only appeared in previous games under his older, and less well known alias.

There’s no better time than E3 to share the first details of a new game and that’s why 2K have now revealed a couple of superstars and new improvements for WWE 2K15. The game marks the first real opportunity for 2K Games to impress WWE fans the world over having taken over development of last years edition following the closure of THQ. The developers have promised to improve the visuals and introduce many new elements to further enhance the experience including 30 hours of dialogue for commentators Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Finally, 2K Games also announced that they will leave the cut-off date for content until as late as possible in the hopes of delivering the most up-to-date roster possible.

Source: TheXboxHub

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