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Aidsmoji: The Forbidden Fruit Review

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Aidsmoji: The Forbidden Fruit is a scam. If you want to see a group of friends dick around with a camera and make fools of themselves, you’re better off hitting up YouTube for free.

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BMC Studios, known best for FMV bombs Kimulator 2 and There is a Genie in my Szechuan Sauce, is back at it again with the poorly titled Aidsmoji: The Forbidden Fruit. It’s safe to say that it won’t win any game of the year awards, but does it have a single redeeming quality?

Aidsmoji: The Forbidden Fruit Review

With a runtime of around 15 minutes, there’s not too much plot to be found in Aidsmoji. However, the game loves to drag its feet, run jokes into the ground, and show off the slow-motion capabilities of their editing software. The game stars Steve, Jonny, and Esky (along with the cameraman, in many unintentional fourth-wall breaking segments). The entirety of a posh house in Canada, one that has walls of DVDs and polished countertops. After Steve pulls a gun on Jonny and forces him to either play the kazoo backwards or suggestively eat an emoji-themed lollipop, he wakes up later to to find out that he has AIDS.

It’s not like you need to carefully follow the plot either. Most of the game is spent with them eating cereal out of glasses and doing a Ugandan Knuckles maze on the back of a “LOL MLG Cereal Killer” box of cereal. Players will hear the same “do you know de way” joke multiple times in this game, all without any context or meaning. There’s also talk of nazis and the football player Cristiano Ronaldo, though these elements are hard to understand amidst the thick accents and broken sentence fragments each character says to one another.

Aidsmoji - Gamers Heroes

Most of the game is spent watching these fools make idiots out of themselves, but there are some choices to be made. Players can choose from one of two decisions at key moments, which admittedly provide some different scenes. All players will more or less see the same game, but if you want to slap somebody or do a leg-dab to counter a dab, the options are there.

Those that finish the game can get some more playtime out of Aidsmoji by going to the “Bonus” section on the main menu. In this mode, megasaurus6200 will sell you a pair of socks featuring the genie from “There’s a Genie in my Szechuan Sauce.” He thinks that they retail for $17.99, but doesn’t bother looking it up or providing a link to purchase. Players can get the chance to watch him put them on, and also hear testimonials from a random girl and a surprise appearance from Big Man Tyrone. It’s a marketing pitch – a bad one at that.

Aidsmoji: The Forbidden Fruit is a scam. If you want to see a group of friends dick around with a camera and make fools of themselves, you’re better off hitting up YouTube for free.

This review of Aidsmoji: The Forbidden Fruit was written based on the PC version of the game. The game was purchased digitally.

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