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American Patriots: The Swamp Fox Review

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American Patriots: The Swamp Fox’s fight against the redcoats might offer something new, but the gameplay, graphics, and engine are far too underdeveloped for players to get invested in the long term.

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Your garden variety zombies, nazis, and terrorists typically make the rounds in the average first person shooter, but Cult Software pits players against the redcoats in American Patriots: The Swamp Fox. Though this title was inspired by the action-packed ambush scene from 2000’s The Patriot, the execution found here is more boring than your average history class.

American Patriots: The Swamp Fox Review

Set during the American Revolutionary war in November of 1780, players will take control of the American Patriot Francis Marion. The redcoat troops of Colonel Tarleton’s army have cornered you in a foggy South Carolina swamp, and it’s up to Francis to fight his way through this ever-approaching army.

It might sound like a riveting tale, but the above story is told via a single screen in a single paragraph of text. Click through this screen to the main game, and players are transported to a world with terrible draw distance, invisible walls, no music, and graphics that would be right at home in an early PlayStation 2 title.

Players are armed with only a double flintlock pistol, one that only has two shots before reloading. Ammo may be infinite, but so are the redcoats that spawn in this swamp. There is no way to win this game – the enemies will keep appearing until you are taken down, and the odds are always against you. Enemies can be taken down in one shot, but so can the player. Death means starting over from the very beginning, with your kill count returned to zero.

American Patriots The Swamp Fox - Gamers Heroes

There’s not much strategy to this game. With enemies appearing from all sides, players must constantly be in motion. Only a shot button and a jump button are at your disposal, with the latter doing nothing to help your situation. There is no cover, no support, no places to camp, and nowhere to hide. The faceless redcoats do take a few seconds to line up their shots, but the braindead AI still manages to overwhelm the player with the rampant spawning and the ineffectiveness of your weapon. There is no sound strategy to survive – most bouts devolve into dumb luck.

Unfortunately, this is one title where what you see is what you get. Outside of an achievement that spawns after you kill 66 redcoats, there is nothing to keep players fighting the good fight. Leaderboards, alternate weapons, or even music outside the main menu are missing in action. There is the ability to play in 2160p and mess with some of the graphical elements, but don’t be fooled – this title is most certainly not a looker.

American Patriots: The Swamp Fox’s fight against the redcoats might offer something new, but the gameplay, graphics, and engine are far too underdeveloped for players to get invested in the long term.

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