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Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey Review

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Overall - 30%


Another Sight - Hodge’s Journey drops the ball when it comes to both its level design and its platforming mechanics. Though it is short, it proves to be far too frustrating in the long term to get invested in.

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A prequel to the platformer Another Sight, Lunar Great Wall Studios and Fish Eagle’s Hodge’s Journey has players taking control of a cat across a number of different whimsical landscapes. Should you set a course for adventure, or is this cat a little unlucky?

Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey Review

Unlike the main release, the blue and green-eyed cat Hodge takes center stage in this platformer. There’s no dialog or text boxes to speak of – after the camera pans to this feline friend in a cave, it’s up to players to slowly progress right through a number of different portals to reach their goal.

This seems simple enough – there are a number of platforms, and Hodge has both a jump and a high jump suited for the task. However, when the going gets tough, things start to fall apart. For one, Hodge is a slippery guy. Those looking to adjust their direction will experience a delay as the character slowly rotates. In addition, jumps are methodical affairs with an odd trajectory. It is far too easy to overshoot or undershoot the platform you need to go to, forcing players to start sections over once more. There are threats like electricity that players will have to deal with, but there are no enemies that players will have to overcome.

There are also certain platforms where a regular jump just won’t do. In these moments, players must come to a complete standstill and hop vertically to get to their point. This requires some finesse, but it breaks up the pace to the point of it being jarring. There is the ability to scale walls and grab onto ledges, but it feels like a crapshoot in regards to when it wants to work. Lives are infinite and checkpoints are plentiful, but it can be downright aggravating getting through certain parts of the game.

Another Sight Hodge's Journey - Gamers Heroes

Frustration extends to the level design as well. Early areas are straightforward affairs, but later sections require players to avoid speeding trains, navigate a maze of teleportation portals, or ride a moving platform. One section in particular requires players to corral mice to hit a button, but it only wants to listen to the cat’s meow once in a while. Aesthetics are muddy and dark, which sets the mood, but also feels generic. In addition, the camera is far too zoomed out – Hodge is the size of a rat compared to the world he inhabits.

It’s not like players will be diving into this world for hours on end. Despite us trying certain areas multiple times, we were able to finish this title in around 20 minutes. There is a distinct lack of replayability, without any collectibles, scoring, or alternate paths to speak of.

Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey drops the ball when it comes to both its level design and its platforming mechanics. Though it is short, it proves to be far too frustrating in the long term to get invested in.

This review of Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.

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Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey Review

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