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Arc Apellago Review

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Overall - 65%


Arc Apellago’s emphasis on speed makes this platformer stand out just enough to make it worth a go. Its short length and nondescript presentation doesn’t leave a lasting impression, but the core foundation is solid enough.

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The great guardian statue needs your help, and it’s up to players to restore order to the world in Handshake Firm and DigiPen’s new platformer Arc Apellago. Featuring open-air combat amidst mountainous chunks of earth, should players take to the skies?

Arc Apellago Review

With the guardian statue broken, things have run amok. In an attempt to return the floating land masses down to the earth, players will take control of a mysterious assassin wieler of spirit energy and traverse this brave new world in an effort to make things right. Though this simple tale is told briefly through images at the beginning, it sets the stage well and the art gets the job done.

Each stage in Arc Apellago has this assassin flying through the air and contending with spikes and enemies. Armed with a jump and a dash, this character is surprisingly nimble; wall jumps, chained dashes via orbs, and other maneuvers makes everything a speedy affair. Though a number of enemies pose a threat, a lock-on system allows players to dash right into its many sword-wielding frogs and spell-casting sorcerers.

However, when the going gets tough, things can get a little awkward. Controls are floaty to a fault, and a mistimed jump can mean certain doom for the player. There were times where we were constantly wall jumping to get to a specific area, and the lock-on for the nearby orbs didn’t quite register the way that we were hoping for.

Nevertheless, Arc Apellago is certainly forgiving when it comes to its mechanics; players are given three hit points, checkpoints are plentiful, and hazards are few. Still, there is a period of acclimation that one must go through, especially if playing with a keyboard as opposed to a controller.

The hand-crafted environments and animations certainly make this title stand out and leave a lasting impression. Though the endless mooks and even the protagonist come across as nondescript, everything is vivid and well animated – an absolute godsend when it comes to the world of platformers. Music is dramatic, and though it does not leave a lasting impression, it does set the stage well for the calamity that has struck the world.

Just be warned that the day can be saved fairly quickly. We were able to reach the end and see everything this title has to offer in around 15 minutes. Though that’s far from a deal breaker, especially for a free game, another stage or two would have really helped it seal the deal. In addition, there are no achievements to speak of, so what you see is what you get.

Arc Apellago’s emphasis on speed makes this platformer stand out just enough to make it worth a go. Its short length and nondescript presentation doesn’t leave a lasting impression, but the core foundation is solid enough.

This review of Arc Apellago was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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