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BATTLE ZOMBIE SHOOTER: SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD is a generic shooter that brings nothing new to the table. This is one broken game, and there is no incentive to even give this title a passing glance.

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When you think of cliche elements in video games, what comes to mind? Zombies? Blocky characters? Generic deathmatch settings? Drunken Apes finely named shooter BATTLE ZOMBIE SHOOTER: SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD has got all of these things and more. Needless to say, it’s not worth your time.


If you’re looking for a story to justify your zombie slaying, you’ll have to check the game’s Steam page. Taking place in the year 2020, a zombie apocalypse has knocked out 99% of the world’s population. As a zombie yourself, you have to kill other zombies for some reason.

There’s no dialog or cutscenes in the game itself. A number of similar-looking zombies can either be used or purchased, including “Friedoline the Farmer,” “James!,” and “Ghost Grandma,” but all choices are purely cosmetic. The Roblox-like shape of the characters means that none really stand out, so the additional purchases are not worth your while.

If anything, there’s not a lot of variety to speak of. With only three maps (made up of a Fallen City, a Gladiator Zone, and “Village Mexicana”), two similar modes (IO and Deathmatch), and a handful of weapons, players will see all of what BATTLE ZOMBIE SHOOTER has to offer within 30 minutes, if at that. It’s not like these battles have a lot of depth to them either. Without a cover mechanic, run feature, or any form of defense, battles devolve into walking into an enemy and firing away point blank. Some playfields support up to 32 characters, meaning that the small size of each area works against strategic play. Conversely, fighting against a smaller number of players leads to a barren wasteland, one with limited interaction and way too much ammo. There is no balance in place here – it is easy to see that the stages were created without considering how gameplay factors into them.


As the proverbial carrot on the stick, a leveling system is also in place. By downing enemies or collecting certain power-ups, players can earn more HP, increase their attack, defense, or speed, or utilize any other number of perks. While this adds a layer of complexity to the game, the changes between each level are negligible. Somebody three levels above can just as easily be disposed of as a level one neophyte. More balance could have gone a long way.

A number of bugs are also present in the game. Our character would often lose his legs, falling into the environment. In addition, bots would disappear and reappear, flickering like candles in the wind. It’s amazing to see how a game this basic can be this broken.

Though there is a multiplayer mode, there was nobody online as of this review. The single player mode is made up of bots, so the suite of modes is more or less identical both online and off.

BATTLE ZOMBIE SHOOTER: SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD is a generic shooter that brings nothing new to the table. This is one broken game, and there is no incentive to even give this title a passing glance.

This review of BATTLE ZOMBIE SHOOTER: SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD was done on the PC. A digital copy was purchased.
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