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Beat Rush Review

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Overall - 65%


The electronic beats of Beat Rush make for a prime world to race in, but the simplistic controls limit its long term replayability.

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Speed freaks and audiophiles alike will be able to hit the pedal to the metal with the release of Ongakken s. r. o’s Beat Rush. Syncing tunes to the action has been done countless times before, but does this racing game lead the pack?

Beat Rush Review

This title gives players the keys to a speedy space vessel, one that flies along a path in an out-of-this-world locale. As players tune in, turn on, and rock out to a number of electronic tracks, they can collect points. These come in three varieties; blue points are used as currency, pink ones allow players to jump, and orange ones help regenerate your shield. No matter which one you choose, all three can recover a bit of health.

However, there are also a number of hazards that must be avoided along the way. Those that touch the walls of its road or hit one of the many bumps will cause themselves to lose a bit of health. Earlier levels are absolutely no sweat, but the farther you go, the faster you go and the more obstacles line your path – certainly poses a challenge.

If this sounds like a simple setup, that’s because it is. Although players can adjust their sensitivity and possess the ability to jump, the brunt of the title has players moving to the left and to the right to maneuver around. It certainly gets the job done, but it doesn’t do too much to stand out in the racing space.

Rather, the pride and joy of Beat Rush is its atmosphere. Its neon-drenched world and thumping beats make this title stand out – combining synthwave with EDM is a match made in heaven. It doesn’t follow the same beats as Beat Saber or other titles that sync to the music, but the moment the bass drops is the moment you can get in the zone. The UI and low poly look definitely scream budget, but those that can look past its budget look can find themselves entranced in its world.

To keep players going, players will be able to use their blue points to unlock one of four different ships. At 1,250 points for the most expensive one, it won’t take players too long to expand their garage. Nevertheless, it is still a welcome gesture. There is also a fifth ship that costs $1.69 on the Steam marketplace, but it is so overpowered that it is best to ignore it.

There are also a fair amount of achievements to be had in Beat Rush. Most come through usual play, but players will also be able to gun for 100% by playing for more than an hour, completing a level without hitting any hazards, and by buying everything in the shop. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, but still welcome nonetheless.

The electronic beats of Beat Rush make for a prime world to race in, but the simplistic controls limit its long term replayability.

This review of Beat Rush was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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